Well let's see it all started many many moons ago in far far away land called West Texas. I was born the first son of my mother & father. They had no idea they had giving life to such a super cool dude as myself. Born July 15, 1954 Odessa, Texas and thank GOD my dad got transferred to Abilene. No offence to Odessa but they have no trees or hills I like trees and hills. Not that Abilene was mush better. Then GOD blessed us again and we moved to Fort Worth, "COWTOWN" WHERE THE WEST BEGINS. And Fort Worth had lots of good old country music. to be continued......... I gotta go do some honey do's....  Allrighty now where was I. As a kid way back in my time you was lucky to get hear good old country music. But I was lucky enough to have a mom & dad that loved it. I think my mom would wet her pants when Jim Reaves or Jack Green went to singing. Saturday nights was the best, we'd sit around the TV (yes there was TV back then I was a pioneer - blk & white) From 6:00 to 10:00 nothing but the best of the best COUNTRY & WESTERN MUSIC. You know the real stuff. Back then we had what was called a transistor radio. Weren't much bigger than my phone today. (funny more things change they stay the same.) We had two cool ass stations to listen too. And that's all you needed For Country there was WBAP with the worlds greatest DJ Bill Mack - "THE MIDNIGHT COWBOY". And Rock & Roll you had KFJZ with Mark E Baby. Well dang cat wants feed it's feeding time at the zoo. gotta get all my womens work done for the wife gets home from work......to be continued.... Well I'm back where was I. As a kid the family would pack up and head to Colorado every summer on vacation (it was hotter than hell in Texas back then too) Once on the road the radio was a hit and miss, mostly miss. So lucky for us my Dad would go to singing. "Sitting in an old rocking chair" was one my favorites that's why I record it. He sang it A cappella and his Dad sang it to him. We would always go to Lake City, Colorado we'd stayed at the VC bar ranch in an old log cabin. We'd stuff old newspapers in the cracks in the walls to keep the cool out. Wasn't nothing to do but fish all day and go honky tonk dancing at night. Life was good back then. We'd go to town to the Log Cabin Saloon, the owner Buck & Mary were something to behold. Buck would pull out his 20' bull whip an pop playing cards and cigarettes out of Mary's hands and mouth. I'm pretty sure if he'd a miss she'd stuck that whip up his ass. She was a salty old gal. We'd sit at one of those round table booths in the back of the bar. My mother would spread a blanket out and all us kids sat on the floor. Mom and Dad like to square dance. They'd dance all night to Mike & Leona Williams, he sang like Hank and she sang like Patsy. They played two old Telles. There was another man I guess my second hero he was a real life mountain man by the name of Larry Pavish. Made Daniel Boone look like a gay bible pusher. Some how Larry found out my Dad didn't like any one putting their finger in his belly button. ( I may have said something not sure) But they would wrestle around on the floor, that was always fun to watch. I said when I grow up I want to be just like Larry, pretty much did too. But at the time Mike & Leona planted a seed that's still growing today. God bless all them folks, I guess they started what I became today. Well life rocked on I got my first guitar when I was fourteen. And I play it ever now & then. My third hero and still is today. I meet one Saturday night down in Waco in the early seventies. Me & Billy Tharp (yea the one who wanted a song about a girl named Mellon Head) we came down from Fort Worth to visit friends. They were all in this bar called the Red Dog Saloon (see the pattern here) well we get to the door and they wanted a $2.50 cover charge. "WTF" you could drink a lot of beer for $2.50 back then. I said who is this guy? Bill said I don't know my mamma says he can play the guitar real good but his singing sucks! It was pay the $2.50 or go back to Fort Worth. We did, we paid, and Bill's mom was wrong. We develop a "BIG" man crush that night and we followed him like shadows for the next 20 years. That dude that couldn't sing his name was Willie Nelson, and I still get excited when I hear him today. In fact I have tried my best to live the life of a Willie, Waylon, Billy Joe song, and that my friend can be hard on you. Later I'm tired of thinking, time for some singing!    

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