Special Songs By Ed

by Ed Ogle

Released 2015
Released 2015
Different, they say I'm very entertaining, it's worth your time.
First of above everything I thank God for giving me these songs to sing.
Second, I want to thank you for listening and hope you like them.
If you do, please call your favorite radio station and ask them to play it, if you don’t, please give this to someone who will. I’ve been playing since I was 14 (you’d think I could play better) this is a dream come true to make a record. But if you had asked me ten years ago if I played I would have said no. I’d like to thank my Uncle Bill (Bill Lester, blame him if you don’t like it) for making me go get my guitar and start playing and singing. I’d like to thank Danny Terry for recording me the first time so I could here what I sounded like (that was some good times and we drank a lot of beer) but I kept playing anyway so blame him too. I could go on and on thanking people who encouraged me to play (Bill & Kim Nash) but you can only write so much on a CD, but I know who you are and that’s what counts. And a great big ol’ thank you to my partners who help on this. Rick Boss the man with the golden harmonicas and T-Roy Miller guitar picking extraordinaire, and to the best harmony vocals you could ask for Melissa Weatherly & Bryan Maldonado for making me sound so “Purdy”. It’s such an honor to play with these guys. Thank you Sil & Pam Cervantez for the use of your beautiful home in the Hill Country to record this. Which T-Roy did a real fine job putting this all together.
God Bless You All and like me you are special.
Thanks for spending a little time with me please buy a CD or two or three. I need the money the bills are due and my wife has her hand out. Your friend Ed.

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